Recognition is Ok
January 7 – Getting Noticed For Doing What’s Right

5:7 – Getting Noticed For Doing What’s Right #faithbites #faithjourney noticed Intro If you talk about the five love languages, one of mine is appreciation. I like to know that what I do matters and […] Read More

January 2 – Allow is My Word Of The Year

5:2 – Allow is My Word Of The Year #faithbites #faithjourney allow Intro You mmay have see the latest internet crazy in social media. It’s finding your star word or word of the year. Here’s […] Read More

Keep Working
December 26 – Just Keep Working At It

4:360 – Just Keep Working At It #faithbites #faithjourney working Setting Some days, we just feel like everything is going wrong. We are mad at the world and mad at ourselves for how we react […] Read More

Slowdown but keep moving
December 21 – Slow Down, Keep Moving

4:355 – Slow Down, Keep Moving #faithbites #fiathjourner slow Setting This is my second day on Christmas vacation but I feel I’m working more (professional and home stuff) than I did when I wasn’t on […] Read More

We are different and equal
December 10 – Equal And Different

4:344 – Equal And Different #faithbites #faithjourney equal Setting Today we are celebrating my eldest’s birthday at school. She wanted Dairy Queen Dilly Bars. Next week will celebrate my youngest’s half birthday but she wants […] Read More

Overcome Inertia
December 6 – Overcoming Inertia

4:340 – Overcoming Inertia #faithbites #faithjourney inertia Setting Come January 1, I’m going to eat right, exercise, and get in shape. January 1 comes….I’m tired or I have things to do. Does this sound like […] Read More

Come to the source
December 2 – Going to the Source for Answers

4:336 – Going to the Source for Answers #faithbites #faithjourney source Setting When you are sick or something feels off, do you search the web for answers? It’s ok, we all do it. Have you […] Read More