Faith vs Non-faith places
4/26 – Faith places and non-faith places

4:116 – Faith places and non-faith places #faithbites #faithjourney non-faith Intro During his sermon on Sunday, our pastor brought up the concept of faith and non-faith places. He brought this up in relation to how […] Read More

4/23 – Faith and grace for those struggling with faith and grace

5:113 – Faith and grace for those struggling with faith and grace #faithbites #faithjourney struggling Intro Last night was a tough night. My youngest told me she didn’t believe in Santa, the tooth fairy, didn’t […] Read More

Do you accept the applause
3/30 – Accept the Applause

5:89 – Accept the Applause #faithbites #faithjourney applause Intro Today the news was made official that I was elected to the Board of Directors for the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE). This is […] Read More

Context Switching. Need Rest
3/17 – Too Much Context Switching? Take A Break

5:76 – Too Much Context Switching? Take a Break #faithbites #faithjourney context Intro Are you a multitasker? I can’t do it very well. I lose focus and make too many mistakes. They say people can’t […] Read More

3/16 – Humble thyself

5:75 – Humble thyself #faithbites #faithjourney humble Intro Have you heard the phrase, eating humble pie? Usually that means to be proven wrong when you thought you were right. Have you ever held into something […] Read More

Anticipation is good
2/12 – Anticipation and Reactions

5:43 – Anticipation and Reactions #faithbites #faithjourney Anticipation Intro Anticipation has set in at the Roberts-Lieb household. In 12 hours, we will be on a plane for vacation and we are excited. Maybe it’s because […] Read More

Different Arrangement, Same Message
2/7 – Different Arrangement, Same Message

5:38 – Different Arrangement, Same Message #faithbites #faithjourney arrangement Intro I love music. Some songs really hit home and others don’t. Lately, I’ve been listening to a cover of Snoop Dogg’s Gin and Juice by […] Read More