January 19 – The Law of the Prophets – Summarized

1:!9 – The Law of the Prophets #faithbites #faithjourney prophets Intro Some think that Christianity is complicated with many rules and obligations. Others think the way a specific church does it is right and others […] Read More

January 15 – How Do You Lead?

5:15 – How Do You Lead? #faithbites #faithjourney lead Intro I have been in many leadership positions over the years. Some have been positional (manager, director), some volunteer (volunteer), and some informal (mentor and friend). […] Read More

January 12 – Stretched Too Thin

5:12 – Stretched Too Thin #faithbites #faithjourney Intro We ggo from the holiday season, to insane catchup. I feel like people took all the work of the last four weeks and shoved it into three […] Read More

Recognition is Ok
January 7 – Getting Noticed For Doing What’s Right

5:7 – Getting Noticed For Doing What’s Right #faithbites #faithjourney noticed Intro If you talk about the five love languages, one of mine is appreciation. I like to know that what I do matters and […] Read More

December 30 – Peace and His Law

4:364 – Peace and His Law #faithbites #faithjourney peace Setting My kids like to fight me with my rules. I’m pretty lenient but sometimes even picking the clothes off the floor is too hard for […] Read More

Keep Fighting
December 28 – Keep On Fighting The Good Fight

December 28 – Keep On Fighting The Good Fight. Never give up. But when you fight, fight with God on your side. #faithbites #faithjourney

Blue Christmas is hard.
December 24 – Blue Christmas

4:359 – Blue Christmas #faithbites #faithjourney blue Setting For many in the world, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. The decorations, food, presents, food, family, food, and of course celebrating the birth […] Read More