Faith Bites

January 12 – Words Hurt

Todays Bible Lesson: I like to joke and have fun. Sometimes I say something that may be uncouth, crass, or just not funny. I don’t mean offense by it but sometimes people take offense. Yesterday […] Read More

January 11 – What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

Todays Bible Lesson: I always wonder what I want to be when I grow up. In the “Wear Sunscreen” hypothetical commencement speech by Mary Schmich, said “Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you […] Read More

January 10 – Letting God Calm You Down

For today’s scripture, I want to share a pop song – Kindly Calm Me Down by Meghan Trainor. I know, what does pop music have to do with scripture and God? While this song is […] Read More

January 9 – Waiting

God I hate waiting. Or God, I hate waiting. I am impatient at times. I want the next. Passing time between the now and the next is boring. But that waiting is when we experience […] Read More

January 8 – Worry

Today’s devotional is about worry. Dealing with anxiety is hard. It makes worry part of everyday. Worry is difficult. Turning things over to God is even harder because that gives us control and having control […] Read More

January 7 – Duty to Share our Light

We have a duty in life. To share our kindness, share our love, and carry our candle into the darkness. Today at church we sang Go Light your World (originally by Kathy Trocoli and covered […] Read More

January 6 – God Hasn’t Left or Foresaken Us

Life is hard. When we have trial and tribulation we make think God has forsaken us, it at the very least forgotten us. He hasn’t. Sometimes we need to be lost and in the wilderness. […] Read More