Has God already answered your prayers?
May 16 – God May Have Already Answered Your Prayers

3:137 – God May Have Already Answered Your Prayers #faithbites #faithjourney already It was 5:30 AM and the dog woke me up. I took him outside into the backyard. It was blurry as I didn’t […] Read More

Mar 16 – Pouring Out, Need To Fill In

3:76 – Pouring Out, Need to Fill In #faithbites #faithjourney pouring Right now I feel mentally and physically exhausted. It’s been a long day of planning for COVID19 at work but also talking to people […] Read More

How Are You Going To Use Your Spoons?
Feb 6 – How Many Spoons Do You Have?

3:37 – How Many Spoons Do You Have? #faithbites #faithjourney Spoons I’m tried. Between work, school, health, family, and everything, I’m tired. It’s hard to describe what being tired really means when dealing with chronic […] Read More

Dec 27 – Too Much Excitement

2:361 – Too Much Excitement #faithbites #faithjourney Excitement Tonight I was on a video chat with my brother in California. Of course my kids wanted in in the action. My youngest was literally jumping on […] Read More

Oct 18 – It WILL Get Better

2:291 – It WILL Get Better #faithbites #faithjourney Better It’s been a rough week with health, work, and stress. Even as hard as it is, I know it’s starting to get better. I had three […] Read More

Oct 4 – It Hurts But I’ll Keep The Faith

2:277 – It Hurts But I’ll Keep The Faith #faithbites #faithjourney hurts No flowery faithbite tonight. Just back to basics. It’s been a long week of pain. I’m trying to stay positive but it hurts. […] Read More

August 25 – Quiet Please

2:237 – Quiet Please #faithbites #faithjourney quiet I’m a loud guy. I say my piece, I talk a lot, and am very loud. As I’ve been working on that over the years to be quieter. […] Read More