Pray For those Who Can't See
Sep 22 – Pray For Those Who Can Not See

3:266 – Pray For Those Who Can Not See #faithbites #faithjourney see Setting Unless you’ve been living under a rock, which sometimes I wish I was, you have seen how divided we are. If you […] Read More

The Voice of God
Sep 11 – God’s Voice

3:255 – God’s Voice #faithbites #faithjourney voice Have you ever been going about your business and a specific song came into your head? Maybe you were taking a shower and a thought or prayer came […] Read More

Bear False Witness
Sep 7 – Bearing False Witness

3:251 – Bearing False Witness #faithbites #faithjourney false Setting I was debating politics with someone, and they brought up how can we as Christian men, bear false witness. It is a concept I was only […] Read More

Aug 7 – Prayers For Our Educators

3:220 – Prayers For Our Educators #faithbites #faithjourney educators Setting It’s almost that time again: Back to School. Instead of the normal back to school supply shopping, reminiscing on the end of summer, and excitement […] Read More

June 5 – Showing Respect

3:157 – Showing Respect #faithbites #faithjourney respect What does it mean to respect someone or something? How do you show respect? Today, I was in a debate about protesting by kneeling during the national anthem. […] Read More

Are you resting?
May 28 – Quiet, Please!

3:149 – Quiet, Please! #faithbites #faithjourney please Quarantine life has hit a new high or low. My tank is empty. I need a break. Just some quiet. It’s not that anyone is being bad or […] Read More

May 25 – Choose To Say Nothing

3:146 – Choose To Say Nothing #faithbites #faithjourney nothing I like to talk and share my opinion. The hardest thing can be to day nothing. I was in a situation where many people were sharing […] Read More