Just Keep Breathing
July 19 – I’m Breathing

4:200 – I’m Breathing #faithbites #faithjourney breathing Setting Today I made it to the office for the first time in nearly 17 months. ANxiety has skyrocketed, pulse racing, breathing labored, but I did it. I’m […] Read More

June 5 – Back to Normal?

4:156 – Back to Normal? #faithbites #faithjourney normal Setting I’m writing this as we are traveling back to normal. Well, actually Bloomington but not all sounds better. We are on day one of the trip […] Read More

May 29 – The Journey And The Destination

4:149 – The Journey And The Destination #faithbites #faithjourney journey Setting 4 states, 450+ miles, and over 8 hours on the car and we’ve reached out first major pit stop. Still not the destination, but […] Read More

March 6 – This Is Holy Ground

4:65 – This Is Holy Ground #faithhbites #faithjourney holy Intro I was driving my daughter to a babysitting training class today and noticed a church’s digital sign. It has a simple message: This is Holy […] Read More

February 13 – Silence Is Golden

4:44 – Silence Is Golden #faithbites #faithjourney silence Setting Last night, my eldest had a sleep over with a friend. This morning, my wife said it was so quiet because she wasn’t here. I said […] Read More

talents are a gift
Dec 14 – Rejoice In Your Talents

3:349 – Rejoice In Your Talents #faithbites #faithjourney rejoice Setting Lately, I have been spending a lot of time learning 3D printing. I have had more failures than successes but am really enjoying it. In […] Read More

We need to support each other
Oct 5 – Support – We All Need It

3:279 – Support – We All Need It #faithbites #faithjourney support #RoadToEdD Setting You are probably tired of me talking about my dissertation. I know I’m tired of talking about it. During the past few […] Read More