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Oct 31 – One Family In Jesus
2:304 – One Family In Jesus

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This week has been filled with deep searching of faith, faith traditions, and religion in general. I am so thankful for everyone who is walking along this journey with me. Today’s #faithbites is all about searching for the True Jesus.

First, what does that even mean? How do we worship? Who should worship? What does the Lord’s supper look like? Should there be different divisions and branches of Christianity? And the end all be all question: W.W.J.D (What would Jesus Do?).

I can’t answer any of them except for the last one. He would worship with everyone, love everyone, forgive everyone, and help to bring everyone to the father. The rest of it, I don’t know.

I can’t say the Catholics have it right or the Lutherans, or Baptists or any of the denominations. For me, they all have a piece of it. The only truth that we are given is the Holy Bible which is the inspired word of God. While our practices may vary, there is only one Jesus.

  • All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. – 2 Timothy 3:16-17
  • Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. – John 14:6

Sing to the Lord, all the earth;
proclaim his salvation day after day.
Declare his glory among the nations,
his marvelous deeds among all peoples.
For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise;
he is to be feared above all gods.
For all the gods of the nations are idols,
but the Lord made the heavens.
Splendor and majesty are before him;
strength and joy are in his dwelling place.
Ascribe to the Lord, all you families of nations,
ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.
Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name;
bring an offering and come before him.
Worship the Lord in the splendor of his[a] holiness.
Tremble before him, all the earth!
The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved.
Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad;
let them say among the nations, “The Lord reigns!” – 1 Chronicles 16:23-31


We know that there is one God and he sent his son Jesus to die for our sins. Jesus is the only way to the father. His Holy word should be used for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training. This is from 2 Timothy and John. These don’t tell us specifically how to worship. Why? Even in the early church, some churches did things differently based on the cultures there. But they still had one Jesus.

The 1 Chronicles verses, while many, shows us how to worship. There is one God above all gods. He made the nations and is wonder. This tells us all the characteristics of God and that we should shout his name to the Heavens and proclaim salvation.

We can choose to debate the differences in how we worship. We can debate doctrine and dogma. At the end of the day, if we believe in Christ, his forgiveness and that he is King above all Kings and Lord above all Lords, then we are on the right track.

I’ll send with a bonus verse: 1 Corinthians 12:25 – so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other. Let us remember that we are one body in Christ.


What religion are you? Can you say you are Christian and mean it or do you first state your denomination? Can you look at other denominations and see we are one body in Christ. If not, go back to the word. Look at what he is telling you. The thief comes to kill and destroy (John 10:10) and how better to destroy us than to divide us first.


Heavenly Father, you have given us so many great gifts as your children. Often we look to our differences to define us, rather than your love as our family. Be with your divided church. Help us to heal divisions, rely on your word, and remember that we are all forgiven and accepted into your kingdom through your son Jesus Christ. There are many rooms in your house and you want us to be with you. Plant the seed in us that no matter where we came from or our local traditions, we are part of your church that started through Abraham through Jacob through David through Jesus and through the Apostles. In your name, Amen.

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