Month: September 2021

September 23 – Oh The Places You’ll Go!

4:266 – Oh, The Places You’ll Go! #faithbites #faithjourney places Setting Tonight, I was helping my youngest with her reading. She chose, Dr. Seuss’s, Oh The Places You’ll Go. As we read it, she loves […] Read More

September 22 – Pain Before The Joy

4:265 – Pain Before The Joy #faithbites #faithjourney before Setting Today I had an ablation treatment on my back. Its qhere they burn nerves for pain relief. I expmaoned the situation to my best friend […] Read More

Are you supported?
September 21 – Love, Cherished, and Supported Part 2

4:264 – Love, Cherished, and Supported Part 2 #faithbites #faithjourney Supported Setting I was driving home yesterday and saw a sign that said: “Support your Veterans” and was an ad for the Veteran’s Association. That […] Read More

It it now time to act
September 20 – Time to Decide

4:263 – Time to Decide #faithbites #faithjourney decide Setting Have you ever had a decision that is just weighing on your mind? I know I have. The feeling of great opportunity but also great reward. […] Read More

Keep Your Sparkle Switch On!
September 19 – Keep Your Sparkle Switch On!

4:262 – Keep Your Sparkle Switch On! #faithbites #faithjourney sparkle Setting Last night, we watched the JoJo Siwa J-Team movie. Yes, I wasn’t the audience for it, but it was cute and my youngest liked […] Read More

September 18 – Stop Complaining, Start Changing

4:261 – Stop Complaining, Start Changing #faithbites #faithjournet complaining Setting I was talking to a friend today about thing we dont like and the atmosphere around a place spend time in. We had a lot […] Read More

God is working!
September 17 – God Works for the Good

4:260 – God Works for the Good. #faithbites #faithjourney Works Setting These past few days have been an emotional rollercoaster. I don’t know why things are happening or what God’s plan is, but he has […] Read More