Month: September 2021

Hold Your Tongue
September 8 – Hold Your Tongue

4:251 – Hold Your Tongue #faithbites #faithjourney tongue Setting I like to talk…A LOT. One of my favorite things is to get into intellectual, political, and religious debates/discussions will people. I find it stimulating and […] Read More

Thirsty and hungry? God Quenches
September 7 – What Are You Thirsty and Hungry For?

4:25- What Are You Thirsty and Hungry For? #faithbites #faithjourney thirsty Setting I was craving a nice cup of coffee as I was thirsty. Do I need a cup of coffee? No, but I really […] Read More

No words and just tears, God knows what you need.
September 6 -God Knows!

4:249 – God Knows! #faithbites #faithjourney knows Setting Have you ever tried to tell someone something and the words don’t come? Maybe you sat to pray and all you had were tears and a heavy […] Read More

September 5 – His Mercy Endures Forever

4:248 – His Mercy Endures Forever #faithbites #faithjourneu Endures Setting Today’s has been a rough day with the back and realizing I can’t do what I want to do. But that got me thinking about […] Read More

September 4 – In Trouble? Pray. Happy? Sing

4:247 – In Trouble? Pray. Happy? Sing #faithbites #faithjourney trouble Setting Before COVID, I would always ask my daughter what they learned in Sunday School, and they would reply, “Jesus”. I wanted more specifics but […] Read More

September 3 – Love others as YOU LOVE YOURSELF

4:246 – Love Others as YOU LOVE YOURSELF #faithbites #faithjourney yourself Setting My best friend was having a rough day and I told him to take care of himself and do what he needed to […] Read More

Changing Our Views on Success
September 2 – Change How You Measure Success

4:245 – Change How You Measure Success #faithbites #faithjourney success Setting What will people say when it’s my time in the box? When my life is over, how will other’s measure my success? Will it […] Read More