Month: April 2021

The Future Is Unknown
April 9 – The Future is Unknown To Us And Is Exciting

4:99 – The Future is Unknown to Us and Is Exciting #faithbites #faithjourney unknown Setting God has a unique way of messing with us when he wants us to learn. Lately, I’ve been wondering about […] Read More

Be a Good Human. Disagree without being Disagreeable
April 8 – Be A Good Human, Redux

4:98 – Be A Good Human, Redux #faithbites #faithjourney human Setting I often write about being a good human. This is a skill we should all have. I see comments tearing down people when someone […] Read More

Hall of Champions
April 7 – Hall of Champions

4:97 – Hall of Champions #faithbites #faithjourney champions Setting I don’t know if your school had this, but mine did. A hallway dedicated to the Champions of the school. There are pictures, trophies, and mementos […] Read More

April 6 – Setting Boundaries

4:96 – Setting Boundaries #faithbites #faithjourney boundaries Setting I know this may be a shock to you, but I am far from perfect. One of my biggest faults, and my mother in law said this […] Read More

April 5 – Washed Clean By Him

4:95 – Washed Clean By Him Easter has come and gone. We were blessed with a beautiful day to celebrate Jesus and my birthday. We also took a lot of pictures of the day. They […] Read More

April 4 – Easter Birthday – Rise Up

4:94 – Easter Birthday – Rise Up! #faithbites #faithjourney birthday Setting Happy Easter. He is risen. He is risen indeed. Hallelujah. A blessing on this special day, that happens to be my birthday as well. […] Read More

Holy Saturday
April 3 – Mourning, Waiting – Holy Saturday

4:93 – Mourning, Waiting – Holy Saturday #faithbites #faithjourney mourning Setting As we continue Holy Week, we get to the day that I think is the hardest, Holy Saturday. We talked about the meaning of […] Read More