Month: February 2021

Worthy Through Christ
February 21 – You Are Made Worthy Through Christ

4:52 – You Are Made Worthy Through Christ #faithbites #faithjourney worthy Setting Sometimes #faithbites is inspired by my feelings, sometimes a scripture, and sometimes, like today a picture. Today, my friend, posted the picture that […] Read More

February 20 – Keep Fighting For The Truth

4:51 – Keep Fighting For The truth #faithbites #faithjourney #fighting Setting Today’s, verse of the day is Matthew 5:6 which says, “God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied.” […] Read More

February 19 – Lions and Lambs: God’s Chosen

4:50 – Lion and Lambs: God’s Chosen. #faithbites #faithjourney lion Setting In Round Here, by the Counting Crows, they say we all talk like lions but sacrifice like lambs. The new testament often calls Jesus […] Read More

Perseverance is key
February 18 – Perseverance Matters! Keep Going

4:49 – Perseverance Matters! Keep Going! #faithbites #faithjourney perseverance Setting After 9 months and 127 million miles, the Mars Perseverance rover has landed. I can’t imagine the work, determination, and perseverance it takes to design, […] Read More

You Are Saved. Start Living
February 17 – Still Waiting To Be Saved?

4:48 – Still Waiting To Be Saved? #faithbites #faithjourney saved Setting This may sound like a pity party or me being selfish. I often want people to do things for me. I would love for […] Read More

Prepare for Lent
February 16 – Time to Prepare for Lent

4:47 – Time to Prepare for Lent #faithbites #faithjourney prepare Setting Today is Fat Tuesday. I don’t know about you but I’d love to have a Paczki but there is no way I’m getting out […] Read More

How are you motivated?
February 15 – How Are You Motivated?

4:46 – How Are You Motivated? #faithbites #faithjourney motivated Setting Yesterday, I decided that I would choose motivation for the #faithbites topic but then changed it to love as it was Valentine’s Day. I thought […] Read More