Month: February 2020

Feb 15 – Harvesting or Planting

3:46 – Harvesting Or Planting #faithbites #faithjourney planting In a recent discussion about faith, a person mentioned the story where Peter fished all night and caught nothing, then Jesus came by and he caught an […] Read More

Feb 15 – At First, I Didn’t Like It

3:45 – At First I Didn’t Like It #faithbites #faithjourney first Today is Valentine’s Day and of course we had to get something for our girls. We decided to get them some British Chocolate and […] Read More

Feb 13 – Satan Lies, God Doesn’t

3:44 – Satan Lies, God Doesn’t #faithbites #faithjourney Satan Yesterday, I talked about how my brain lies to me and how sometimes I need others to tell me if something is real or not. Call […] Read More

Feb 12 – Am I Reading You Right?

3:43 – Am I Reading You Right? #faithbites #faithjourney reading In the past two days, I had two interactions with two different people. In each one, I thought my behavior was inappropriate and I was […] Read More

Feb 11 – Who Claims You?

3:42 – Who Claims You? #faithbites #faithjourney claims I was making my coffee at work today and wanted a bit of creamer. Normally, I take it black, like my soul, but today, I wanted something […] Read More

Feb 10 – You Don’t HAVE To Do It

3:41 – You Don’t HAVE To Do It #faithbites #faithjourney have When I tell my eldest that I have to go to a meeting, a conference, or class. She often asks me “Do You HAVE […] Read More

Feb 9 – Treat Yourself Like A Friend

3:40 – Treat Yourself Like A Friend #faithbites #faithjourney friend How do you talk to yourself in your head? Are you kind to yourself? Are you hard on yourself? Maybe you don’t realize the time […] Read More