Month: February 2020

Opinions Aren't Facts
Feb 22 – Everybody Has Opinions

3:53 – Everybody Has Opinions #faithbites #faithjourney opinions Opinion – a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. – Opinion – A view or judgment formed about something, not […] Read More

Feb 21 – Be A Snowflake

3:52 – Be A Snowflake #faithbites #faithjourney snowflake Are you a snowflake? Most people would say no, because many use it to describe young liberal people who are too fragile. I was called a snowflake […] Read More

Feb 20 – Try Something New

3:51 – Try Something New #faithbites #faithjourney new Tonight at Girl Scouts, we celebrated World Thinking Day. We looked at different languages and tried different foods. The girls had star fruit, dragon fruit, sushi rolls […] Read More

Feb 19 – No Shortcuts

3:50 – No Shortcuts #faithbites #faithjourney shortcuts My eldest was doing English homework tonight and had to chose between more and most when modifying adjectives. A couple of minutes later, I asked if she was […] Read More

Who Is Your Backup
Feb 18 – Always Have Backup

3:49 – Always Have Backup #faithbites #faithjourney backup Yesterday I stayed home sick and was preparing to stay home again today. I knew that I was facilitating an important training session tonight and didn’t know […] Read More

Feb 17 – I Am Weak

3:48 – I Am Weak #faithbites #faithjourney weak I can be set in my ways and not see other’s points of views. My brain needs medications to function. I just ate a Milky Way for […] Read More

Feb 16 – Come As You Are

3:47 – Come As You Are #faithbites #faithjourney come Today, we sold Girl Scout Cookies at church. A friend as what the dress code was. I said while some dress up, it’s definitely a “come […] Read More