Month: October 2019

Oct 24 – Do You Remember the Mirror Image When Walk Away?

2:297 – Do You Remember The Mirror Image When You Walk Away? #faithbites #faithjourney mirror Sometimes #faithbite ideas come from experiences and then lead to scripture, other times scripture leads to faithbites, this one is […] Read More

Oct 23 – Different Strengths, Different Challenges

2:296 – Different Strength, Different Challenges #faithbites #faithjourney different Tonight was parent/teacher conferences. It amazed me that even though my kids looked almost identical at the same age, they are so very different in their […] Read More

Oct 22 – You Can Make An Impact

2:295 – You Can Make An Impact #faithbites #faithjourney impact Journeying through life is hard. Following Christ is hard. It’s easy to hold onto grudges and think that things will never get better. It’s been […] Read More

Oct 21 – Taste An Oreo

2:294 – Taste An Oreo #faithbites #faithjourney taste Last night, I wanted a snack before bed. I grabbed a couple of oreos, shoved them in my mouth, and kept on doing doing what I needed […] Read More

Oct 20 – Life Can Be Simple

2:293 – Life Can Be Simple #faithbites #faithjourney simple Today, we started a new girl scout troop for kindergartners. I asked them what they like to do. Most answered “I like to play” and “I […] Read More

Oct 19 – Running Errands

2:292 – Running Errands #faithbites #faithjourney errands Today was a busy Saturday: groceries, laundry, cleaning, halloween shopping, pumpkin painting, and all around normal errands. The thing is, we can look at these errands as tasks […] Read More

Oct 18 – It WILL Get Better

2:291 – It WILL Get Better #faithbites #faithjourney Better It’s been a rough week with health, work, and stress. Even as hard as it is, I know it’s starting to get better. I had three […] Read More