Month: March 2018

March 24 – Symbols

#83of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Today’s lesson is about symbols of faith. As my faith journey has continued, what I call myself and how I display that has changed. When I was younger, I wore a star […] Read More

March 23 – Apathy

#81of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Today’s lesson is on Apathy. Today I feel blah. No motivation to do anything. I have things to do, but no drive to do it. I had to push myself to write […] Read More

March 22 – Being Sick

#80of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Today’s lesson is about being sick. We have all been sick. The sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, can’t breathe, headache. body ache, fever, etc etc. That is how I’m feeling today. Keeping my […] Read More

March 21 – The Power of One

#79of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Today’s lesson is on the power of one. That one person can really make a difference. Yesterday was the primary election in Illinois. For the first time in McLean County, the Libertarian […] Read More

March 20: Choosing Our leaders

#78of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Today’s lesson is on voting and election. In Illinois, it is primary election day. The chance to select your parties nominees and vote on any referenda that may be on the ballot. […] Read More

March 19 – Money, Money, Money

Today’s post is about money. We all love money and we all hate money. Having money allows us to do things. No having money prevents us from doing things. I have been on food stamps. […] Read More

March 18 – Servant Leadership

Today’s lesson is about Servant Leadership or being the best leader begins by being the best servant. This faithbite is inspired both by our sermon this morning at church and all of my years in […] Read More