Month: October 2020

Oct 24 – Clearing The Clutter

3:298 – Clearing The Clutter #faithbites #faithjourney clutter Setting Clutter is everywhere. I don’t mind a little mess, but sometimes it seems like the mess in my house is taking over. The past few days, […] Read More

Oct 26 – Harsh Tongue, Bad Reactions

3:297 – Harsh Tongue, Bad Reactions #faithbites #faithjourney harsh Setting I’ve seen many friends share ideas and opinions that I believe we’re sexist or racist. The person claims that they are not being sexist or […] Read More

Oct 22 – Are You Faithful To Jesus?

3:296 – Are You Faithful To Jesus? #faithbites #faithjourney faithful Setting Today is another “Let’s see what God wants me to talk about” day. In other words, I was having a blank and searched for […] Read More

Engel Scale
Oct 21 – Where Are You On The Engel Scale?

3:295 – Where Are You On The Engel Scale? #faithbites #faithjourney engel Setting It’s no secret that I am on a #faithjourney. This is a journey since birth but has picked up speed in the […] Read More

Oct 20 – Irrational Fears

3:295 – Irrational Fears #faithbites #faithjourney Irrational Setting Today I submitted the second draft of my dissertation. I immediately felt fear. Fear that my advisor would tear it a part as she did back when […] Read More

Oct 19 – Throwing In The Towel

3:294 – Throwing In The Towel #faithbites #faithjourney towel Setting Today has been a rough day. Internet down. Kids both sick at home. Kids picking on each other. It’s been rough. I’m exhausted. Today was […] Read More

Oct 18 – I Was Wrong And I’m Sorry

3:293 – I Was Wrong And I’m Sorry #faithbites #faithjourney wrong Setting Are you every wrong? Have you ever hurt someone? If you are human, the answer is yes. We all screw up. Even with […] Read More