Month: September 2019

September 9 – The Missing Puppy

2:252 – The Missing Puppy #faithbites #faithjourney #redletterchallenge Puppy Tomorrow starts the official #RedLetterChallenge for our church. 40 Days of reading Jesus’s words and seeking a deeper understanding of him. Tonight, my eldest lost her […] Read More

September 8 – Teach Me How To Pray

2:251 – Teach Me How To Pray #faithbites #faithjourney teach We are about to enter 40 days of the Red Letter Challenge, #RLC. It’s 40 days of reading Jesus’s words, the red ones, and focusing […] Read More

September 7 – Just Listen

2:250 – Just Listen #faithbites #faithjourney listen Nothing profound in this #faithbite. No dramatic realizations or crazy experiences. Just the need to listen to each other. People speak on words, action, inaction, and emotion. Just […] Read More

September 6 – Tiana’s Dad

2:249 – Tiana’s Dad #faithbites #faithjourney Tiana’s We are big Disney fans in our house. We love “The Princess Frog” or as everyone says Tiana’s movie. Great music, a great independent woman, and a great […] Read More

September 5 – For The Person Listening In

2:248 – For The Person Listening In #faithbites #faithjourney Listening Have you ever gotten into a debate and someone tells you it’s not worth it because you will never change the person’s mind? It happens […] Read More

September 4 – W.W.J.D?

2:247- W.W.J.D? #faithbites #faithjourney W.W.J.D W.W.J.D? What would Jesus do? I often find myself doing things I don’t want to from gossiping to being angry fo being prideful. Then I see people who claim to […] Read More

September 3 – Are You A Gossip?

2:246 – Are You A Gossip? #faithbites #faithjourney Gossip Do you gossip about others? Lately, I have been doing more and more listening and less talking. I have seen people sharing stories about each other […] Read More