Month: September 2019

September 16 – Being In Jesus Means Prayer

2:259 – Being In Jesus Means Prayer #faithbites #faithjourney #redletterchallenge Being I pray many times a day. I pray in thanks, I pray in pain, I pray for peace, and and I pray for guidance. […] Read More

September 15 – Being Versed

2:258 – Being Versed #faithbites #faithjourney #redletterchallenge Versed Are you good at something? Of course you are. You probably read and practiced it to know the subject. My #RoadToEdD is all about reading. You read, […] Read More

September 14 – Would You Buy A Ticket To Your Life’s Movie?

2:257 – Would You Buy A Ticket To Your Life’s Movie? #faithbites #faithjourney #RedLetterChallenge Movie Going to the movies is a great past time of mine. Even more fun is discussing the movie with friends. […] Read More

September 13 – Giving Is Living

2:256 – Giving Is Living #faithbites #faithjourney #redletterchallenge giving Today I wanted to treat my wife and me to bagels. I went and picked up two bagels for me and a bagel for my wife. […] Read More

September 12 – Service For The Joy Of Service

2:255 – Service For The Joy Of Service #faithbites #faithjourney #redletterchallenge Service I was sitting in a pastor call committee doing God’s work. Out of the blue, I got a text message from my neighbor […] Read More

There is no sin too big that God did not din on the cross for.
September 11 – I’m Not Ok And That’s Ok

2:254 – I’m Not Ok and That’s Ok #faithbites #faithjourney #redletterchallenge Ok Before we get started, let’s take a moment to remember September 11, 2001. The lives lost that day, the lives that continue to […] Read More

September 10 – Being and Doing

2:253 – Being and Doing #faithbites #faithjourney #RedLetterChallenge Being Today is Day 1 of #RedLetterChallenge. This is the start of 40 days of reading, learning, and living the actual words of Jesus Christ. This challenge […] Read More