Month: February 2019

February 21 – Truth? You Can’t Handle The Truth

2:52 – Truth? You Can’t Handle the Truth #faithbites #faithjourney truth What is Truth? Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines truth as : the body of real things, events, and facts: Actuality. In the era of fake news […] Read More

February 20 – Respect All Those Who Work For You

2:51 – Respect All Those Who Work For You #faithbites #faithjourney respect Did you tip the pizza guy last time he delivered in the snow? Did you chat and treat the waitress well when she […] Read More

February 19 – Whom Shall I Send?

2:50 – Whom Shall I send? #faithbites #faithjourney send Leaders help us find our way. They create a shared vision and help us all down the road together. Sometimes we select good leaders, others times […] Read More

February 18 – Minor Setbacks

2:49 – Minor Setbacks #faithbites #faithjourney setbacks Have you ever heard the saying “One step forward and two steps back”? Most of us feel that way when in actuality it’s two steps forward and one […] Read More

February 17 – Known Act of Kindness

2:48 – Known Acts of Kindness #faithbites #faithjourney kindness We hear about random acts of kindness often. Someone doing something for some stranger to help them out. Today, we are going to talk about known […] Read More

February 16 – Enthusiasm Can Be Exhausting

2:47 – Enthusiasm Can Be Exhausting #faithbites #faithjourney #parenting Enthusiasm Children are a gift from God. To see them excited makes me excited. One thing I’ve noticed is when my children get really excited, they […] Read More

February 15 – Better Than Expected But Not As Fast As I Want

2:46 – Better Than Expected But Not As Fast As I Want #faithbites #faithjourney expected Recovering from surgery is rough. It doesn’t matter how minor it is or how major, it’s a long road and […] Read More