Month: February 2019

February 7 – I Am Not In Control and That’s Ok

2:38 I’m Not In Control and That’s Ok #faithbites #faithjourney control I like to know what I’m doing when,with whom, and how. I like being responsible for my own choices, actions, and follow-through. My frustration […] Read More

February 6 – I Can’t Focus, My Eyes Are Heavy

2:37 – I Can’t Focus, My Eyes Are Heavy #faithbites #faithjourmey focus Blame it on the medications or the travel or the surgery, but I am having a hard time focusing on anything. I am […] Read More

February 5 – Healing is Needed

2:36 – Healing is Needed #faithbites #faithjourmey healing Today was surgery day a very long day of no food and drink as I got the times mixed up. But the surgery is done, it was […] Read More

February 4 – It’s In God’s Hands Now.

2:36 – It’s In God’s Hands Now #faithbites #faithjourney hands Tomorrow is Surgery Day. I have some fears and anxiety, but it’s in God’s hands now. Most people say this when they either have given […] Read More

February 3 – I Exercised last year, where’s my six-pack abs?

2:34 – I Exercised last year, where’s my six-pack abs? #faithbites #faithjourney exercised I want the perfect body, but what about the work that comes with it? I did exercise last year, shouldn’t I be […] Read More

February 2 – Learning About Faith Is Powerful

2:33 – Learning About Faith is Powerful #faithbites #faithjourney powerful When I was a young boy, my family went to synagogue regularly. I adored our Rabbi, Rabbi Kramer. He was a wonderful man who interacted […] Read More

February 1 – To Love One Another

2:32 – To Love One Another #faithbites #faithjourney another Today I had a man from Chicago come to deliver medical supplies to get ready for surgery. After we had everything set up, he asked me […] Read More