Month: April 2020

Apr 23 – Work Can Wait

3:114 – Work Can Wait #faithbites #faithjourney wait Right now, I’m snuggling in bed with my youngest as she’s watching videos on TV. Do we have homework to do? Yes. Do I have work to […] Read More

Note to self: I am NOT God
Apr 22 – Thank God, I’m Not

3:113 – Thank God, I’m Not #faithbites #faithjourney God How would you finish that opening statement? What word do you think is missing there? The word for me is God. Thank God, I’m Not God. […] Read More

God's Embrace Is Perfect
Apr 21 – Hold Me Tighter

3:112 – Hold Me Tighter #faithbites #faithjourney tighter Today was not a good day at Case del Sol. Between construction workers, internet woes, home schooling, and tired children, it was a bit rough. My youngest […] Read More

Apr 20 – Pain

3:111 – Pain #faithbites #faithjourney pain What is Pain? Dictionary.Com has several definitions: 1)physical suffering or distress, as due to injury, illness, etc. 2) a distressing sensation in a particular part of the body, 3)mental […] Read More

Reach Out and Stay Connected
Apr 19 – Staying Connected

3:110 – Staying Connected #faithbites #faithjourney connected It has been 30 days since I’ve been in the office for work. Nearly one month. We are starting week six of working from home / shelter in […] Read More

Apr 18 – We Love Our Teachers

3:109 – We Love Our Teachers #faithbites #faithjourney teachers When I went to college, my dream was to become a high school chemistry teacher. My goal was to help others have passion for the subject […] Read More

Apr 17 – We’re All In This Together

3:108 – We’re All In This Together #faithbites #faithjourney #Disney all Last night, we danced and sung to the Disney Family Sing-A-Long. It features the reunion of the High School Musical Cast singing We’re All […] Read More