February 3 – Evolving Thoughts

Today’s lesson in on allowing yourself to evolve your thoughts and positions. Yesterday I posted in Facebook how I saw two different people reacting vastly different to an event in the news. One seemed to […] Read More

February 2 – Cookies

Today’s lesson is about who we are and how we are better together. Many of you know my daughter is selling girl scout cookies and I am the troop’s cookie dad. Last weekend, I talked […] Read More

January 31 – Who are We Really or Masks

Today’s lesson is on our true self or what masks we wear around others. The other day at work, I laughed out loud. There was no hesitation. No second guessing. Just doing a little dance, […] Read More

January 30 – Prayer

Today’s lesson is on Prayer and what it means to me. The first thing that came to mind is James Taylor’s You’ve Got a Friend. “When you’re down and troubled and you need a helping […] Read More

January 28 – Priorities

Today’s lesson is about priorities. I know I’ve talked about being busy and making time for what is important. I also know it is easier said than done. I wanted to share another story of […] Read More

January 27 – The Power of A Smile

Today’s lesson is about feelings and simple actions. This morning I woke up early as I had to work. I was in the bathroom, shaving, getting ready to hop in the shower and there was […] Read More

January 26 – Believing vs Knowing

Today’s lesson is about belief vs knowing. We talk about believing in things all the time. Believing in God. Believing in magic. Believing in humanity. Believing in peace, justice, and the American Way. We say […] Read More