1 Peter

Your impact matters
4/22 – You have an unseen impact. Don’t Stop

5:112 – You have an unseen impact. Don’t stop. #faithbites #faithjourney impact Intro The other day we were watching 9-1-1. The episode had several conversations where the firefighters and EMTs wondered about the people they […] Read More

Do you accept the applause
3/30 – Accept the Applause

5:89 – Accept the Applause #faithbites #faithjourney applause Intro Today the news was made official that I was elected to the Board of Directors for the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE). This is […] Read More

3/18 – A restorative experience

5:77 – A restorative experience #faithbites #faithjourney #matchday restorative Intro Today was national medical school match day and the first for our college. This is the day when graduating med studentsfrom around the country find […] Read More

Law and Order are important. Forgiveness is more important
2/10 – Law & Order & Forgiveness

5:41 – Law & Order & Forgiveness #faithbites #faithjourney order Intro I like and need laws and rules because they provide order. I can be a very black and white person when it comes to […] Read More

2/5 – Is Mint Condition The Best?

5:36 – Is Mint Condition The Best? #faithbites #faithjourney mint Intro This aafternoon, I was going through thousands of old Magic The Gathering cards with my daughters. It was fun to look at them, talk […] Read More

Love All
2/3 – Imperfect Unselfish Love For All

5:34 – Imperfect Unselfish Love For All #faithbites #faithjourney unselfish Intro A couple of days ago, I told a work colleague that I loved her. Not in a romantic way, but in friendship. The way […] Read More

Yin Yang Symbol of Harmony
2/1 – Seeking Balance or Harmony?

5:33 – Seeking Balance or Harmony? #faithbites #faithjourney harmony Intro I often talk about trying to seek a balance in my life. Do you? Maybe it’s a work/life, spend/save, family/self, work/play, or any other balance. […] Read More