Month: July 2019

July 24 – Love Is Universal

2:205 – Love Us Universal #faithbites #faithjourney Universal #DisneyDreaming Today was Epcot Day. Not only were we walking around the world, there we people from all over the world. Different colors, languages, religions, relationships, backgrounds, […] Read More

July 23 – Disconnect To Reconnect

2:204 – Disconnect To Reconnect #faithbites #faithjourney reconnect #DisneyDreams I’m sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to begin our family vacation. When I look around, I see the vast majority of people (including […] Read More

July 22 – Earned Forgiveness

2:203 – Earned Forgiveness #faithbites #faithjourney earned Tonight, the family was watching an episode of Once Upon A Time. It’s a great show if you haven’t seen it. During one scene, Snow White asked the […] Read More

July 21 – Bee Stings Hurt or Everything Happens For A Reason

2:202 – Bee Stings Hurt or Everything Happens for a Reason #faithbites #faithjourney bee (This faithbite idea by my wife, Amanda) On Friday, I was pulling weeds and got stung. It hurt, but it was […] Read More

July 20 – Burnout Is Real

2:201 – Burnout Is Real #faithbites #faithjourne Burnout Work, home, kids, school, volunteerism, and life can wear on you. Even those who “have it good”, get burned out. Those who know me, know me as […] Read More

July 19 – Why Do I Keep Messing Up?

2:200 – Why Do I Keep Messing Up? #faithbites #faithjourney messing Why do I mess up over and over? I get mad at my kids, raise my voice, apologize, and am forgiven. But then, rinse […] Read More

July 18 – Sipping The Poison Of Unforgiveness.

2:199 Sipping The Poison Of Unforgiveness #faithbites #faithjourney Poison In this blog we talk a lot about forgiveness. It’s a main pillar in our house. I mess up all the time. I forgive often and […] Read More