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February 4 – Broken and Fearful

Today’s lesson is on being broken and fearful. Fear not, I am doing very well. I wanted to touch upon these two topics as it is central to who we are as humans and our […] Read More

February 2 – Cookies

Today’s lesson is about who we are and how we are better together. Many of you know my daughter is selling girl scout cookies and I am the troop’s cookie dad. Last weekend, I talked […] Read More

January 31 – Who are We Really or Masks

Today’s lesson is on our true self or what masks we wear around others. The other day at work, I laughed out loud. There was no hesitation. No second guessing. Just doing a little dance, […] Read More

January 30 – Prayer

Today’s lesson is on Prayer and what it means to me. The first thing that came to mind is James Taylor’s You’ve Got a Friend. “When you’re down and troubled and you need a helping […] Read More

January 28 – Priorities

Today’s lesson is about priorities. I know I’ve talked about being busy and making time for what is important. I also know it is easier said than done. I wanted to share another story of […] Read More

January 27 – The Power of A Smile

Today’s lesson is about feelings and simple actions. This morning I woke up early as I had to work. I was in the bathroom, shaving, getting ready to hop in the shower and there was […] Read More

January 22 – Self-Care and Community

Today’s lesson is on self-care and community. As we’ve talked life is hard. Or in modern parlanceĀ #AdultingSucksĀ andĀ #ParentingSucks. We have many responsibilities: To our family. To our jobs. To our houses. To our bills. To our […] Read More