Month: January 2020

Jan 3 – FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out

3:3 – FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out #faithbites #faithjourney FOMO Do you ever do something, just o you don’t miss out? Tonight, we drove to Iowa so we wouldn’t miss my family’s Christmas, and I […] Read More

Jan 2 – Pixelated Faith

3:2 – Pixelated Faith #faithbites #faithjourney Pixelated Pixelated art seems to be all the rage. Tonight, I started working with Perler beads and making Legend of Zelda creations. If you dont know what pixelated art […] Read More

Today, I resolve to love. Love is the greatest of the fruits of the spirit because God is love. I choose to show, feel, and know, love
Jan 1 – My Resolution: Love

3:1 – My Resolution: Love #faithbites #faithjourney resolution Happy New Year, All. Today we start year three of #faithbites. I can’t believe this is #faithbite number 730. Thanks for reading and sticking with me. Most […] Read More