Hang on to Him
October 14 – Who or What Are You Hanging Onto?
4:287 – Who or What Are You Hanging Onto?

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“If I can just hang on a little longer, it will get better”. “Just a little bit more and I’ll be there”. “I’m hanging by a thread and it may snap”. I’ve said most of these more than once, have you? Are you hoping for things to get better? Are you just hanging by a thread and worried about tomorrow? It’s ok, we all do it from time to time. If you are a believer, just make sure you are hanging onto Him.

Today’s Questions: What are you hoping for? What are you gritting your teeth through to make it to whatever? I

  • Mark 5:27-28 27 She had heard about Jesus, so she came up behind him through the crowd and touched his robe. 28 For she thought to herself, “If I can just touch his robe, I will be healed.”
  • Luke 6:19 – Everyone tried to touch him, because healing power went out from him, and he healed everyone
  • Psalm 34:19 – The righteous person faces many troubles, but the LORD comes to the rescue each time.

Many of us have heard that in Biblical times during Jesus’s ministry, people just wanted to touch him. From the crowd who felt the healing power flow out of him, to the lady in the crowd who just wanted to touch his robe. This is the image that we have of our Savior on Earth. He was so powerful that just touching his clothing could heal him.,

Imagine if we all had one thread of his robe. We could hold it whenever we needed healing and it would happen. While we don’t have a physical piece of it, he is always with us. In our Psalm, we see that we will have troubles but God will rescue us each and every time.

Sometimes we hang onto money or a promotion at work or a change in our life as that thread that will make everything better. Those things are temporary and sometimes we use them to fill out Godhole. Instead of things, let’s reach for the One.

As we close, no matter what you are going through, no matter what you want, Jesus is our light and salvation. Reach for his thread when you feel you are just barely hanging on.


Lord Jesus, thank you for your power on earth. You healed, raised from the dead, and died to save all of us. That is power like none other. We pray that when we are down and hanging by a thread, that it is you and only you were are hanging onto. Remove the temptations and false idols from our site. We pray that you rescue us as you have and always will. In your name, Amen.

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