The need to be involved and active

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I’m at a conference with some of the top medical educators in the world, yet I feel more connected to the staff running the event. I have a feeling that I need to help with setup and make sure everyone is supported and has what they need to get things done. It’s as if by doing manual tasks, I’m more involved in the event and using my God-given abilities. If I’m just sitting around, even if I’m talking to other attendees, I don’t feel that it is being productive.

I want to see results and make things happen. I don’t want to just sit around and talk but work. Maybe it’s odd, maybe it’s God telling me where I should be. Just not sure.

It goes back to how are we valued and assessed? How is our value seen by others and how do we see our value. At the same time, I feel that I’m overstepping or being annoying when I’m trying to help. If I am just sitting in on a conversation, I feel that I’m the third wheel. Heck, when we are walking down the street, three people, I always fall a bit behind.

Just random mumblings and thoughts about value.


I need to find out what I’m passionate about, not just what I’m good at or can do to help others. I need to look at where being involved not only benefits others but also myself. Time to fill up the cup.

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