June 17 – When Being Right Is Wrong
3:167 – When Being Right Is Wrong

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I like to be right. When someone tries to challenge me, I’ll pull out all the stops to prove I’m right. It is hard to admit you are wrong. In some cases, being right can be wrong. Not in the content but in how you react.

Most of us want to prove that what we believe is right at all costs. But, what does that do to our relationships with others? Are we shutting down conversation instead of opening doorways?

  • Proverbs 17:19 – Whoever loves a quarrel loves sin; whoever builds a high gate invites destruction.

Just a short reflection tonight. There are things that are morally right and wrong. There are opinions that are just that, opinions which can be right and wrong. What are we doing when we push someone away by trying to prove our point.

I’m guilty of this. I see posts and statements from people and know they are factuly incorrect. I used to challenge everyone of them to prove them wrong and me right. Is that showing God’s love? Is being right what I want to be or can I be a disciple and ask why they believe that?

As a note, some things are wrong: racism, idolatry, violence, and more. This isn’t about those things but rather the gray areas of life.

It’s not easy to step away from an argument or to know you are right and not prove it. If we are to love God and all people and to treat others as we treat ourselves, we need to start. Let’s go beyond the meme, beyond what is said, beyond needing to be right, and look at why they are sharing this or saying this.


This challenge is hard because it means you need to take a back seat. Find something that you know is wrong and ask the person why they believe it. Don’t challenge them on it but ask why and see where they are coming from. You might be surprised by their answers.


Lord, help us to not be wrong by trying to be right. We aren’t to judge but to living in communion with our neighbors. Help us to navigate difficult situations and build relationships, not walls. Walls lead to destruction. We know some things are wrong, help us to change hearts with your word. Let that be the driving force rather than trying to prove someone wrong. In your name, Amen.

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