October 5 – God Moment: Coffee or Conversation

278 – God Moment: Coffee or Conversation

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Today, as like most days, I was very busy. I normally finish one meeting then head off to the next one. Today though, after I was done teaching some folks how to do a task at work, I found myself with a half an hour free. It wasn’t enough time to go back to my office. I thought that maybe I would treat myself to a cup of coffee. I started to leave the building, then something told me not to go. Instead, I felt that I needed to look around the building and see what was going on.

As I walked around, I found several of our students studying for their first major exam on Monday. I said hello to the first group, asked how they were doing, then left. The second group was different. I came in, sat down, and we talked. From the test to life to medical school to balance to everything. It was one of the deepest conversations I had in a long time. I felt their frustrations and then I felt some relief after the conversation. What struck me, was one of the members told me three times how appreciative he was for my time and how he felt better. He told others that it was time well spent and helpful.  At that moment, I felt a sense of happiness and joy that I haven’t in a long time.

I was meant to not get that cup of coffee. That was a God Moment.

  • The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and make you remember all that I have told you. – John 14:26
  • Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. – 1 Corinthians 12:7
  • In the same way the Spirit also comes to help us, weak as we are. For we do not know how we ought to pray; the Spirit himself pleads with God for us in groans that words cannot express. – Romans 8:26

Some would say my story is just one where I was lucky. I happened to change my mind, save a couple of bucks on coffee, and just wanted to be nosey. Other’s would say that was direct intervention from the Holy Spirit. Putting me where I needed to be to help others. Either way it was a good thing. To me, it was the Holy Spirit. I needed to be there; to listen, to comfort, to help.

Later I shared that story with a friend who cried. These tears were for many reasons: stress, feeling like we weren’t doing enough to help, feeling like we could make connections and we have the power to make things better.

I don’t always know the right words to say. Heck, I don’t even know if I should say what I say and when. Knowing that I can provide a little bit of comfort, solace, and compassion to another, is awesome. I thank God for that.  The Holy Spirit is through us and in us. He empowers us to help others.

Sometimes getting that cup of coffee is what I needed, today, I had to be somewhere else.


Have you had a God moment? Have you had a time when you were going to do something else but then felt an urge or a need to do something different? That is the Holy Spirit working through you. Listen to him. Maybe someone inspired you to do something different, that could be God giving you a message. Look at ways that you can empathize and share God with others. You never know why you are put where you are put, but you are there for a reason.

Lord, help me to always be washed in the Holy Spirit. Let me listen to Him and be where and when you need me. Give me the strength to not second guess myself but allow me to be where and when you want and need me.

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