July 11 – Getting Feedback or Calling me on my Crap
192 –  Getting  Feedback or Calling me on my Crap

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One thing I think that all of us has humans have in common is we make mistakes. We may say something,post something, or do something that is less than ideal. In some occasions, we know it right away and either fix it or apologize. Other times, we need someone to help us to be better. This is feedback. Love it or hate it,it’s part of being in a community and part of growing.

Today, I was a bit ornery and tired and posted something that I shouldn’t have. I was thinking King it was a no harm, no foul thing, but when a trusted friend called out on it,in private, I realized it was something that I shouldn’t have posted and I deleted it.

After thinking about it, that feedback taught me two things. First, it made me think about my actions in the same way I laugh at how stupid some people seem to act, especially celebrities. Second, who gave the feedback and why they gave it was important. The person didn’t do it to better himself or anything but to help me grow. That was pretty amazing.

We all make mistakes and need trusted people to help us when we make mistakes. Honest, straightforward, trusted, specific feedback.

Scripture about Feedback
  • Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future – Proverbs 19:20
  • Your testimonies are my delight; they are my counselors – Psalm 119:24

How do you take feedback when it is given? Do you stew on it because you feel like you are the worst person in the world? Maybe you write a blog about it or ignore it. Perhaps, you take it to heart and change your behavior. The interesting thing about feedback, is you probsbbly do all of the above and more. Depending on the who, what, where, when, and how of feedback can determine what you do with it.

In this case, I accepted the testimonial to inorkge my wisdom. The scriptures shownus time and time again what happens when humans don’t follow the feedback or advice from God. When good Kings go asteay by counselors who have misled them. In those cases, the people either ignored the feedback or took feedback and counsel from those who shouldn’t be giving it.

I cherish feedback. At times it makes me feel small, stupid,ignorant, worthless, but when I really think about it feedback is done from a place of love and respect. I accept the feedbacks feedback and the mostakes I make.


Think about how you get feedback? Can you identify someone who will be honest with you? Then think of times you haven’t received well or acted on feedback well. Can you see how the feedback was meant to help and not hurt? Take time to think about this and share with trusted friends that you want and appreciate their feedback.

I will listen, cherish, and appreciate feedback in the manner it was meant with the help of God.

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