March 6 – Suffering

Today’s lesson is about suffering. When we think suffering we have different visions of what that means. It could be a war torn nation. It could be of an epidemic plaguing a city. A snowstorm knocking out power. Violence, weather, death, disease, and more cone to mind. Pain is another one that we think about. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual […]

March 2 – Who wants to be Normal?

Today’s lesson is about being normal or the fun of letting your freak flag fly. We are individuals. We have freedom of choice. We have freedom of action. We have the right by God to be individuals. I was walking on campus today and saw an interesting interaction between two people. First, let me say that today is Unofficial St. […]

February 5 – Platonic Relationships

Today’s lesson is about platonic relationships and how valuable they can be. Many know me as very outgoing, willing to strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone. What most don’t know is I have always had a hard time making deep connections with male friends. I have great male acquaintances, but only one male friend who I am 100% […]