October 20 – Big Picture or Little Pieces?

293 – Big Picture or Little Pieces #faithbites #faithjourney picture Some people say you have to look at the big picture to understand life, the universe and everything. Others say that the big picture is too big, too daunting, and you need to take it step by step. For me, I’m an in-betweener. I want […]

October 18 – What is Your Professional Identity?

291 – What Is Your Professional Identity? #faithbites #faithjourney professional Yesterday I was having a conversation with a colleague about other colleagues. As you know, I try to understand why people d what they do. He explained to me, that their actions are based on supporting and advancing their professional identity. Other colleagues don’t behave […]

October 16 – Can you Pray Harder? Isn’t Prayer Binary?

289 – Can you Pray Harder? Isn’t Prayer Binary? #faithbites #faithjourney pray Have you ever seen a woman who is far along in her pregnancy? Many people, including myself, say “she’s very pregnant”. Someone once told me that being pregnant was a binary condition; either you are pregnant or you are not. There is no such […]

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