April 18 – A Cat Making a Sandwich

#108of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney #MakeMeASandwhich Today’s lesson is about a cat making a sandwich. You might be wondering, why is Sol talking about a cat making a sandwich? Can a cat make a sandwich? Does the cat take requests? How do I train my cat to make a sandwich? Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don’t have a cat who […]

April 17 – Theft of Security

#107of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Today’s lesson is on the after effects of theft and how we can deal with it. Theft comes in many forms. Physical as in a stolen item. Security as in someone breaking into your home. Emotion as in someone breaking your heart or your innocence. Spiritual when your belief system is torn down by false profits. All […]

April 16 – Calling Out

#106of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney #LavaYou Today’s lesson is about calling out for love, support, and happiness. Today’s lesson is inspired by my oldest daughter and I told her I would give her credit where credit is due. This morning we were watching videos, singing, enjoying each other’s company while waiting for school. During our sing-a-long, one of your favorite videos came […]

April 14 – Accepting Help

#104of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Today’s lesson is about accepting help. Offering help is easy. I offer help to everyone and love when they take me up on it. Accepting help is much more difficult.  Here are two examples of my stubbornness or hubris or fear the prevented me from accepting help, and interestingly enough, both relate to money. Last year, our house […]

April 13 – Through God’s Eyes

#103of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Today’s lesson is about perspective. More than that it is how you can look at one thing and see it from many different points of view. When my youngest was just 28 days old, she needed a lumbar puncture to check for meningitis and sepsis. I wanted to be in the procedure room with her. I took my […]

April 12 – Let your Soul Shine

#102of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Today’s lesson is about your soul and letting it shine. Spring may have finally sprung here in Central Illinois. I have my windows open, a short sleeved shirt on, had a potluck at work, and life is great. I know it’s not great for everyone. I had a really rough night with a screaming child in pain and […]

April 11 – The Lies We Tell Ourselves

#101of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Today’s lesson is about the little white lies we tell ourselves. I don’t like people who lie. I want the truth no matter how painful it is. If I don’t know the truth, I can’t fix any problems that may be there. I have been gaining weight. I hate it. I had lost nearly 115 pounds and […]

April 10 – Forgiven AND Forgotten

#100of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Today is the 100th day of the year and the 100th scripture / faithbites posting. Thanks to all of you for your support, your comments, and following along. This has been a fun journey so far. 100 down, 265 to go. Now, onto today’s lesson. Forgiveness. This is a word near and dear to many of us. It […]