March 4 – Am I qualified?

Today’s lesson is about being qualified for service. Or more importantly, the things we tell ourselves to talk ourselves out of service. Today during service, Pastor Wirsing shared three reasons why we think we aren’t qualified: We are too Busy. We aren’t good enough. We don’t want to be rejected. These are very human emotions that we all share. They […]

March 2 – Who wants to be Normal?

Today’s lesson is about being normal or the fun of letting your freak flag fly. We are individuals. We have freedom of choice. We have freedom of action. We have the right by God to be individuals. I was walking on campus today and saw an interesting interaction between two people. First, let me say that today is Unofficial St. […]

February 27 – Hey, By the Way, Thanks

Today’s lesson is about thanking people personally. We have talked a few times about gratitude. In those discussions, we thank God for the bounty that we have. I like to be thanked. I love recognition for a job well done. I like to see how people’s lives have been improved by what I’ve done.  Today, at a committee meeting, I […]

February 25 – American Christianity or Carry Your Cross

Today’s lesson is about the views of American Christianity or in other words what it means to carry your cross. I want to share an image that a friend shared on social media. Then the discussion led to American Christianity and the “evils” that can be there. I do have to say it was one of the most respectful, caring […]

February 24 – Impact

Today’s lesson in one on impact. How those little moments can change someone’s day, outlook, and ultimately their life. I wrote yesterday about my experience as a tall, strong, able-bodied man becoming very physically disabled for a short period. That changed my outlook. I have had people give me lessons like “Be yourself. If people don’t like you when you’re yourself, F**K […]