September 4 – I Don’t Like You Either

247 – I Don’t Like You Either #faithbites #faithjourney like The full dialogue exchange in the title goes something like this: “He doesn’t like you” “I’m sorry” “I don’t like you, either” If don’t recognize this exchange, it’s between Luke Skywalker and Cornelius Evazan in the Mos Eisley Cantina at the beginning of Star Wars. […]

August 8 – Daddy, Let Me Help You

220 – Daddy Let Me Help You #faithbites #faithjourney daddy Yesterday, we talked about children going from needing help (Daddy don’t let go) to thinking they can do everything on their own (Daddy, let go). Many times, they still need their parents more than they think. We also discussed how when we tell God to […]

August 4 – Gut Reactions or Thoughtful Response

216 – Gut Reaction Vs. Thoughtful Response #faithbites #faithjourney reactions When we look back at our lives, most of us can say we have made gut reactions versus thoughtful responses. Thise times when we were sleep deprived, hangry, emotional, or otherwise not thinking clearly. These reactions may have damaged our relationships, lost us opportunities, or […]

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