March 4 – Am I qualified?

Today’s lesson is about being qualified for service. Or more importantly, the things we tell ourselves to talk ourselves out of service. Today during service, Pastor Wirsing shared three reasons why we think we aren’t qualified: We are too Busy. We aren’t good enough. We don’t want to be rejected. These are very human emotions that we all share. They […]

February 24 – Impact

Today’s lesson in one on impact. How those little moments can change someone’s day, outlook, and ultimately their life. I wrote yesterday about my experience as a tall, strong, able-bodied man becoming very physically disabled for a short period. That changed my outlook. I have had people give me lessons like “Be yourself. If people don’t like you when you’re yourself, F**K […]

February 14 – Gratitude

Today’s lesson is on Gratitude. I try to be a grateful person. I don’t always succeed. Today I started a six-week lunchtime class from our Wellness Center on Gratitude. The first lesson was to try not focus on negative thoughts and activities but on the positive. Too often we focus on the ills of the world, of our families, of […]

February 13 – Witness Part 2

Today we continue the discussion on being a witness. Talking about my faith is near and dear to my heart. There are so many things I don’t know. I can’t quote scripture off the top of my head. I don’t know the who, what, where, when of all the books of the bible. Sometimes I think Matthew, Mark, Luke and […]

February 8 – The Others Part 2

Today’s lesson continues on the theme of the Others from yesterday. I have been thinking more and more about “the Others” and how we treat them. I do not agree with anyone on everything. Even in faith, religion, and God, we have different interpretations of the Holy Word and have unique relationships with God. As I often do, I wanted […]

January 14 – Transition

Todays Bible Lesson is one of transition. At church today, our senior pastor said he was retiring next year and we need to look at transition. In my life, I’ve transitioned from one career path to another. I’ve transitioned from being a non-practicing Jew to an involved Christian. I’ve experienced people transitioning from this world to the next. (And no, […]