September 19 – Let the Children Sing

262 – Let the Children Sing #faithbites #faithjourney Sing As I write this, I’m sitting in the back of our children’s choir practice. These children from different schools, different grade levels, boys and girls, all with different abilities sing together in harmony. (Well…mostly harmony, but they are learning). I can hear different voices but also […]

September 14 – If You’re Gonna Walk on Water Would You Drop a Line My Way

257 – If You’re Gonna Walk on Water Would You Drop a Line My Way #faithbites #faithjourney #countingcrows line Have you ever had a day when you just don’t feel good enough? A day when you feel you are drowning or underwater? Maybe it seems that others seem to walk on water and the only […]

August 28 – Fear And Self-Loathing in Las Vegas

238 – Fear And (self) Loathing in Las Vegas #faithbites #faithjourney self-loathing When you think about yourself as a person, what words do you use? Are they positive words that build you up, or negative words that tear you down? In my life, I usually use positive words as I’m a positive person. There are some […]

August 22 – We Are All Sinful

232 – We Are All Sinful #faithbites #faithjourney sinful In yesterday’s #faithbites, we talked about loving one another no matter what. In the image I used, it talked about worshiping other Gods and about being a homosexual. The premise was Jesus told us to love everyone. The comments I received opened my eyes a bit. […]

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