March 11 – The Circle of Life

Today’s lesson is on the circle of life. No, I’m not talking about the awesome song from Disney’s “Lion King”, but rather the ages and stages we all go through and the pain and joy associated with them. Today at worship, we experienced so many of these. The beginning of faith in two young children through baptism, the giving of […]

March 8 – OverCommittment

Today’s lesson is about being too busy or being overcommitted. We are all busy people. We run run run. from work to school to kids activities to church to our activities to housework to everything under the sun. Then as we do all these normal things, we make dates with people, volunteer for extra work, and just keep going and […]

March 2 – Who wants to be Normal?

Today’s lesson is about being normal or the fun of letting your freak flag fly. We are individuals. We have freedom of choice. We have freedom of action. We have the right by God to be individuals. I was walking on campus today and saw an interesting interaction between two people. First, let me say that today is Unofficial St. […]

February 18 – Being a Role Model

Today’s lesson is on being a role model or who follows you? My kids are great mirrors for my behaviors. From seeing my 3-year-old grunt when she is dissatisfied with something to my8-year-old saying Gosh Dang it (I have changed the words to protect the not so innocent). Those are my actions. Those are my words. Too often we either don’t […]

January 6 – God Hasn’t Left or Foresaken Us

Life is hard. When we have trial and tribulation we make think God has forsaken us, it at the very least forgotten us. He hasn’t. Sometimes we need to be lost and in the wilderness. When we are lost and all the distractions are stripped away, we can see his plan. This is a time of training and being prepared […]