September 14 – If You’re Gonna Walk on Water Would You Drop a Line My Way

257 – If You’re Gonna Walk on Water Would You Drop a Line My Way #faithbites #faithjourney #countingcrows line Have you ever had a day when you just don’t feel good enough? A day when you feel you are drowning or underwater? Maybe it seems that others seem to walk on water and the only […]

August 4 – Gut Reactions or Thoughtful Response

216 – Gut Reaction Vs. Thoughtful Response #faithbites #faithjourney reactions When we look back at our lives, most of us can say we have made gut reactions versus thoughtful responses. Thise times when we were sleep deprived, hangry, emotional, or otherwise not thinking clearly. These reactions may have damaged our relationships, lost us opportunities, or […]

July 1 – New Beginnings

182 – New Beginnings #FaithBites #FaithJourney Beginnings 8:00 A.M. on Monday, 32 students will enter the halls of our University, taking the first formal steps in their medical education. These students are excited, engaged, invested, anxious, nervous, compassionate, caring, competent, and curious. All of the faculty and staff who have been working on this endeavor […]

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