November 20 – Vaccinated by Christ

324 – Vaccinated by Christ #faithbites #faithjourney Vaccinated Before we get started, I’m going to ask for a little leeway here. I’m going to use an imperfect metaphor, but I think it works. So bear with me ­čÖé And now, onto faithbites. Yesterday my youngest got her flu vaccine. Today, I had my oldest vaccinated against the flu. They were […]

August 27 – Thanks For Everything You Do and Are

August 27 – Thanks For Everything You Do and Are

239 –┬áThanks For Everything You Do and Are #faithbites #faithjourney Thanks Thank You For Everything You Do. This was a common phrase used by a former supervisor of mine. This person used it so much that it lost its meaning. When I think of it now, I know how important it truly is. We don’t offer our appreciation enough. There […]

February 27 – Hey, By the Way, Thanks

Today’s lesson is about thanking people personally. We have talked a few times about gratitude. In those discussions, we thank God for the bounty that we have. I like to be thanked. I love recognition for a job well done. I like to see how people’s lives have been improved by what I’ve done.┬á Today, at a committee meeting, I […]