February 19 – Lions and Lambs: God’s Chosen
4:50 – Lion and Lambs: God’s Chosen.

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In Round Here, by the Counting Crows, they say we all talk like lions but sacrifice like lambs. The new testament often calls Jesus our shepard and we are his sheep. And yet, we look at the Lion as a sign of strength and the sheep as a sign of weakness. What are we?

You may wonder where this is going. I’m writing this,laying in bed, with severe back pain and wondering why I am so weak. I also know that through my faith and following Christ my shepherd, I am strong. Two different mindsets at the same time. Well, to make a long story, longer, I searched for a verse of the day and found Psalm 34:10 which speaks to this very statement.

Today’s questions: What do you do when you feel weak? When you feel strong, like a lion, is it because eof what you’ve done, or because of Jesus?

  • Psalm 34:10 – The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.
  • Psalm 23:1 – The Lord is my Shepard, I Shall Not Want.

I’ve always wanted to be a lion. Strong, noble, in charge, courageous. Most of my life, though I may put on the cuddly lion face on the outside, I’m scared inside. God tells us that even though the Lions are strong, they will grow weak and hungry. Being strong along doesn’t last. Being strong alone, doesn’t help you achieve your long range dreams.

When we follow Christ as his sheep, which isn’t a bad thing, we are strong for a few reasons. First, he tell us, on Psalms, we will never want. He also tells us we are eloved and forgiven. Finally, sheep are almost never alone. They love in a pack that helps and protects them. Our Christ family should do that. We should stand strong against adversity and love one another.

As we close, how will you identify yourself? A Lion? A sheep? As a chosen believed child of God? How we identify ourselves matters.


Father God, you give us an identity in you that we don’t deserve. You made us in your image, gave us your Son and the Holy Spirit, and told us how to flow. Yet, we choose to try to be strong like lions on our own. We ask you to strip away our pride and hubris. Help us to realize being a sheep to the almighty Shepard is what we want. He protects us, loves us, and shelters us. We pray all these things in your name, Amen.