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Dec 20 – Time To Start Something New

3:355 – Time To Start Something New

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Somedays you just feel in a rut and need a change. Today is one of those days. It feels like I need to end something or start something new. It’s almost like God is speaking but I just can’t quite hear him yet. Have you felt like that? That no matter what you try to do or how you change the situation you are still in the same loop. Maybe it’s COVID Fatigue, maybe it’s Groundhog day, maybe it’s something else. But today feels like the day when something’s gotta give. Something new needs to be started, but what?

We know it can’t be filling your God hole with something else as that is only a short term fix. God also tells us to stay away from sin and temptation. So how do we know what things to run to, what to run away from, and when to stay still?

It is all in our faith in God. We have to trust him.


Job 8: 7 – Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.

Psalm 28:7 – The Lord is my strength and shield.

    I trust him with all my heart.

He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy.

    I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.


God has a way of working in our lives even if we don’t recognize it is his hand in play. I started writing this with a different set of verses in mind, even with a different purpose, but he changed my heart. Instead of being about just starting something new, he is reminding me it is ALL ABOUT FAITH. Say that with me, “IT IS ALL ABOUT FAITH.” It doesn’t matter what we are doing (our profession), how good we are at it, or even what our plan is, as long as we have faith and are following God. He puts us where we need to be as long as we listen.

I have joked with people that if my life was a trip from Bloomington, Il to Chicago, IL, it would have gone through New York, London, Cape Town, Sydney, Moscow, LA, and Chicago. In the end, it’s about asking God where he wants me and how he wants me. Or to make it more general, how he wants each of us.

Maybe it truly is starting something new, maybe it’s changing how we do something, or quite possibly it’s just giving up something and make more space for him. Whatever it is, we need to rest in Jesus and have faith that his promises are true, and that God will provide no matter what.


In Psalm 28:7 one line says “I trust him with all my heart”. Do you? Can you truly say you can turn everything over to him and seek his guidance? I hope to do this. So for today, find one thing in your life that you are struggling with. Then give it to God, fully and totally. Let him guide you to an answer.


Father God, you have told us over and over that, if we have faith in you, we will prosper. Throughout your word, you took those of humble beginnings and gave them riches, power, and most important, made them sharers of your word and your plan. Help us know when to start something new and end something old. Let us know what path we should take and how to always look to you for guidance. Remind us that it is ok to stop doing something and begin something new if it is looking towards you. We pray for your guidance, your support, your strength, and your love as we work best to serve you always. In your name, Amen

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