What is your passion?

Oct 29 – What Is Your Passion?

3:303 – What is Your Passion?

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I used to be a passionate person. From school to friends to learning to adventure, I was always running around passionate for what was next. Lately I have found my passion waning. I noticed this when I wasn’t excited about any new video games, nor travel, nor even visiting friends. It just seemed “meh”. Heck, even returning to indoor worship (yes in a safe and socially distance way), hasn’t stirred my passion. Could it be depression? Sure, that’s part of it. Election and Pandemic fatigue? Absolutely. Colder weather? Maybe. All in all, most things are just blah.

Are you experiencing this lack of passion or excitement? How are you coping with it. My first line (and strongest) line of defense is turning to God to see what he says about passion and being passionate.

  • Matthew 6:22 – For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

I’m going to keep it simple tonight. When you look up passion in the Bible, most of the instances equate passion with lust. This isn’t what we are talking about here. We are talking about energy, zeal, and excitement. The verse that stood out among all others was Matthew 6:22. When we get down to it, those things that we are passionate about, we treasure. When we treasure them our heart is with them.

So what happens when things aren’t providing passion? It could be that your mindset and your vision has changed. Maybe those material things are no longer important as you are beyond that. Maybe God is pointing you towards other things that should should be your treasure. These new things are where your energy should be.

I don’t know exactly why I’m not feeling passionate about most things. I do think it’s a combination of many things. For me, I’m going to look to God to see where he is redirecting my heart, what and whom he wants me to treasure.

Are you ready to treasure what God wants you to?


A couple of quick things here. Are you feeling passion for someone or something? Is it a good passion? If it’s not good or your aren’t feeling the passion, what is God telling you? Where do he want you to invest your time and energy? Ask him.


Father God, thank you for being present in our daily lives. Many people, myself included, are feeling fatigued. The world is a mess and even so, you give us bright spots. Help us to be passionate about you, your word, and your plan. Stir in us a fire that will burn and energize us as we move forward. Lord, we love you and your ways. Be with us in the dark and provide us light, fire, and passion. In your name, Amen.

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