Nov 7 – It’s Not Me, It’s Jesus

2:311 – It’s Not Me, It’s Jesus

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If you go back through my #faithbites, you will see I use the word “I” over and over again. I also write a challenge to help you during your #faithjourney. You may think I’m inviting you into God’s house and challenging you. In fact, it’s not me, It’s Jesus.

During a group huddle today, one of the guys said that he isn’t doing the work of discipling others, rather Jesus is doing the work through him. Some may not see the difference, but it is great. I can invite you and give you challenges to propel your faith journey, but it’s just me as a man, an equal. If it is the will of God using the Holy Spirit in us, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Think of it this way. When you were a kid, how many times did you do what your siblings told you to do? Now think about how many times you did what your parents told you to do? In most cases, you had a greater respect for your parents and followed them both out of a sense of respect and of authority.

God wants us in his family. Jesus bridged the divide. The Holy Spirit is working through all of us to help us cross that bridge.


The Holy Spirit is sent from God to work miracles through us. He helps us grow our faith. When we speak God’s word, it is the Holy Spirit in us. Let us do our part and not stifle (or in other translations quelch) the Holy Spirit. Let Him work through us.

This takes different forms in different people for sure. Just know that when someone is speaking God’s word truthfully, they are acting as an agent of Christ. The holy spirit is moving them along.

I couldn’t do half the things I do without Jesus. When I write #faithbites, I can tell when it’s Sol and when it’s the Holy Spirit. Most times, when it takes a long time to write or I can’t find the words, it’s Sol. When it flows, it’s the holy spirit. Let’s quiet out voice and let the Holy Spirit take over.


This is the easiest and hardest challenge. Step to the side. Let God Moments happen. It’s hard, but sometimes just being quiet and listen to God. You may say things you didn’t even know, that’s the Holy Spirit in action.


Lord, thank you for all of the gifts you give us. You first gave us a covenant that we were unable to keep. Then you sent your son to fulfill that covenant. Still, you sent the Holy Spirit to be in us and help us in our day to day lives. Remind us to be still, be quiet, and let us listen to what the Holy Spirit has to offer. We love you and know the best things in life happen when we listen to you. When it’s less of us and more of you. In your name, Amen.

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