September 12 – Service For The Joy Of Service

2:255 – Service For The Joy Of Service

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I was sitting in a pastor call committee doing God’s work. Out of the blue, I got a text message from my neighbor asking if he could mow my lawn. He wasn’t expecting anything in return or anything, just did it for the service. I had to pick up dinner after the meeting and picked him up a six-pack of beer. He didn’t ask for it or want it, but it turned out it was his favorite.

He served because he knew I was having a rough time with pain and wanted to help. I treated him not because I had to or expected it, but because I wanted to.

We don’t serve and perform acts of service because we have to earn our salvation. We serve and love because Jesus loved us first. Our true service is to show His love through our acts.

  • For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. – Ephesians 2:10
  • We love because he first loved us. – 1 John 4:19

I was involved in Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity for nearly 20 years. It allowed me to serve and give back what God had given to me (even though I didn’t know Jesus yet).

Service is fun. Service is not going to win us anything as we already have the prize, Jesus. When we serve and love, we show others how we love them, and how we are sharing His love with them. It doesn’t bring us salvation, but it may bring someone else to Christ and salvation


Commit a random act of kindness. Buy someone’s food in the drive-thru. Mow someone’s lawn. Give someone a pizza and a six-pack. You never know how that service will change them.


Lord, you are awesome. You have made projects for us to do to show your love to others. Be with us as we serve and complete those missions. Help us to enjoy the act of service, not any potential reward. You have given us the only reward we need, salvation in you. In your heavenly name, Amen

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