May 9 – I’ve Succeeded As A Christian.

2:129 – I’ve Succeeded As A Christian

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I have succeeded as a Christianmany times, but I am not a success. I have prayed continually, shared my faith with anyone who will listen, given time and energy to the church, written #faithbites for nearly 500 days, and read the holy scriptures. There have been times when I give up doing other things so I can volunteer at church and go to services. So many times that I have done things that I thought are in God’s image, because I wanted to improve my faith, but I fall short of the perfection of God.

In the past two days, I shared how I’ve failed as a father and failed as a husband but am not a failure. Likewise, I have had many successes as a Christian but I’m not a success. Doing good works doesn’t make up for sin. Just like good works doesn’t lead to salvation. (Ephesians 2:8-9) We are all blessed that no matter how many successes or failings we have we are not failures. We are redeemed through Christ.


In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s graceEphesians 1:7


Today’s reflection is easy to list but hard to accept. Our salvation and prosperity is through Christ alone and doesn’t matter the number of sins or the matter the number of good works.

We shouldn’t keep score in our relationships or on ourselves. Yes, we should have goals to follow what the Lord wants you to do. But we shouldn’t say that we are good, we are successes, or we are failure. Even Jesus didn’t want to be called good. (Mark 10:18)

I hope that my good deeds more than outweigh the sins, but I know that even if I have more sins that good deeds, I am saved.


Take a minute to write down your good deeds and your sins. Pray about them. Ask forgiveness. Then tear up the sheet. You are forgiven. You can be a successful and have failings yet be a child of God and saved.


Lord, thank you for forgiveness. We all make mistakes and we all do good deeds. Help us to remember that through your Son, we are forgiven, saved, and become white as snow. Keep us from temptation, help us do good works, and remind us always that you are the center of our lives. In your name, Amen.

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