February 25 – What Does Expertise Mean Anyway?

2:56 – What Does Expertise Mean Anyway?

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Throughout my life, I have been a Jack of All Trades, master of none. I know a lot about a lot and very little about even more. As I’m been refining my skills I have become near an expert in somethings while I am still learning in others.

Today, I had an experience where my expertise was basically shot down and was told this is the way it is. I was upset, angry, and mad. I later apologized for my anger, but at the same time, thought maybe this was a sign. It was a sign that either this expertise isn’t respected in this situation or it was a sign that I need to develop other skills in the same or another area.

It is hard when someone doesn’t listen to you and doesn’t see your point of view. When you are an expert or have much more experience than someone else, it makes it even harder. I am trying to think of this in a positive light. I have less work to do and can concentrate more on other areas of my work. Now it’s time to find passion in other areas and hone my skills. This isn’t going to be easy. Letting go is hard, but so is hitting your head against the same wall over and over again. Eventually, you need to stop hitting your head and move on.

  • Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings. He will not stand before obscure men. – Proverbs 22:29
  • I considered and observed on earth the following: The race doesn’t go to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor food to the wise, nor wealth to the smart, nor recognition to the skilled. Instead, timing and circumstances meet them all. Ecclesiastes 9:11 (ISV)
  • At the same time, pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ, on account of which I am in prison— – Colossians 4:3

Our God tells us about skilled workers. All throughout the old testament skilled workers (experts) are sought out. They are commanded to put their skills to use. But as we see in Ecclesiastes, sometimes those who are the most skilled do not get the recognition they deserve on earth.

The funny thing is, the incident today, is the third one or so with the same person, each one being worse than the one before. I’ve always been told that God gives you lessons and unless you get them and pass them, you will keep getting them and it will be harder each time. So now, I’ve learned. I’ve thrown in the towel and said I’m done. You have it your way and if and when you want my help, come ask.

So now, I look to God to open a new door. For him to provide direction on which way to go, how to follow his path, and where I should develop my skills best. It isn’t easy to learn some lessons, especially when your expertise is called into question, but knowing that God has my back will definitely help. As one of my Pastor’s said this week “Never Lose Your Spirit”. I can’t forget who I am.


Has someone’s google search tried to replace your expertise? Is someone ignoring or not following your expertise? Maybe it’s a sign from God that you need to let it go. That the battle has been completed and it’s time to find a new challenge. You never know what doors the Lord will open for you.


Heavenly Father, grant me peace tonight. Help me and others who feel discounted and not recognized for their expertise know that you have a plan for us. You have given us skills and expertise to shine. Provide us the wisdom to know when to let the hurt and anger go, so as not to lose our spirit. Shine your light on the directions that we should take to use our gifts to the fullest. In your heavenly name, Amen.

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