October 8 – Telling My Story

281 – Telling My Story

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What is your story? What is my story? I have been alive for over 41 years, I have written faithbites for 280 days but have I told my story. If someone asked me to tell my story, I wouldn’t know where to begin. I guess that is why I get frustrated when I’m talking to someone and I get cut off. Or in some cases, when I can’t finish a thought before a kid or someone else starts talking. It’s the feeling that I have something to say, but either don’t have the words to say it, the time to say it, or the space to think and say it.

Maybe I have been inspired by the #metoo movement. Perhaps listening to our medical students and their stories have moved me. It could be being involved in politics and trying to learn about other people that I want to share my story.

I think the key is God is part of my story, a very large part. While I haven’t always been active in formal religion, he has always been there.  If we share God’s story, the Good News, are we sharing our own?

  • It has seemed good to me to show the signs and wonders that the Most High God has done for me. – Daniel 4:2
  • Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples! – 1 Chronicles 16:8

When I read over past #faithbites, I see the word “I” a lot. I know this is in the first person but it truly isn’t about me. My story is a way to see what God has done in my life. Think of my life as a frame and God is the picture inside of it. When I feel that I can’t think or write or share, I get upset and depressed. I don’t think it’s about me, but not being able to share and act upon the signs and wonders that the most high God has done for me.

Today at work, I didn’t get done what I had planned too. But through my knowledge and my network of contacts, we were able to solve a very challenging problem. The whole time I wasn’t thinking about me, but the impacts to the students who were held back a bit because of it.

When I told people about it, I wanted to toot my horn a bit because it was a challenge, but at the same time showing the teamwork that helped us solve it.

This is all we can do. Share our truth, our story, or God. In that sharing, others are touched and can feel a glimpse of what being touched by God feels like.


We’ve talked about God Moments before , and how to look upon them. Now it’s how to share them. Look at your story. Can you see how God has touched you? Take a minute to tell one person about your story with the lens. You are preaching but his works come through crystal clear.

Lord, help my story to be less about me and more about you. Give me the patience, wisdom, and strength to know when, how, and where to share. Help me to feel fulfilled when I can share and when I can’t, let me see other outlets for that energy.

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